Using the Cortex Workforce App

Step by Step Guide

You can apply for shifts via the Job Board

In order to access the job board you need to have completed all your Account Details and Company Details.

The JOB BOARD is a list of shifts currently available with the sites you are signed up with. You can use JOB BOARD to scroll through shifts.

How to search for shifts

In most cases, your employer would have already migrated your details to our system. If this was the case you should have received an email to confirm and complete your registration. If you did not receive an email, we suggest checking your spam folder or contact us directly using the form below.


The Account Details contains basic information used for your app account.

1. In the workforce App select JOB BOARD
2. Use Filters to Search

Familiarise yourself with the Job Board by having a scroll through.

You can use the filters at the top to search by Role, Distance and/or Date range. Filters you are using will turn grey when in use, and back to white when they are cleared.

The app remembers your last filter used, so don’t forget to keep them up to date.

Filter by Distance

Select filter by Distance tab, just drag the distance bar as required  You can also adjust your Location. The number of shifts within that distance will update.

Filter by Date Range

Select date range filter and use any date range you require.  The number of jobs will be changed in line with this filter.

To select date range more than 1 day just click the start date and then the end date to search.

If you only want to search for 1 date, click the same date TWICE.

Don’t forget to update the search date as required.

Search Bar

You can also use the Search bar using the following:

  • Site Name ( Hospital Name )
  • Shift Location ( Ward Name )
  • Shift Address ( Liverpool )
3. View Results

Select View Jobs.  You can view them either as a list on the job board or select the Map icon (image below) to view on map.

The shift summary will be displayed on the bottom of the screen, you can scroll through these and select View Details for more information.

4. When you find a shift you want to do, click to select it for more details.

Once you’ve clicked on a shift you’re interested in, you are going to see more information such as the role description and if the shift has any REQUIREMENTS.

5. Press APPLY

Cortex placement team will then review your application.

We would recommend applying for multiple shifts on the same day as you may not be successful on other shifts as you may not meet the requirement set by the client.

Workforce app – Searching for Shifts