Using the Cortex Workforce App

Step by Step Guide

Now that your account is ACTIVE you’ll be wanting to look for your first shift.

There are a few way you can get work…

Getting your first shift

1. Browse the Job Board

Most companies publish available Jobs to their JOB BOARD. From here you can quickly view the details and apply to Jobs you think are a good fit.

More info: How to look for Jobs and apply

The Account Details contains basic information used for your Liveforce account.

2. Get invited onto a Job

The companies you’re registered with may see you as a suitable candidate and ‘invite’ you to a Job. You’ll receive an email notification and it will appear on your MY CALENDAR page with the option to ACCEPT or DECLINE the offer.

3. Get booked directly to a shift

Depending on your circumstances Cortex can also ‘book’ you onto a shift. The difference between an invite and a booking is that a booking does not allow you to ACCEPT or DECLINE the position. You are automatically considered to be attending when booked.

If you are booked you will receive an email notification with all the Job details and it will appear on your MY CALENDAR page.

Cortex will only direct book you to a shift if this has been agreed before hand.

4. Set you Unavailability

We suggest you set your unavailability to make sure you are invited and booked onto shifts when you are available.

Workforce app – Getting your first Shift