Using the Admin Panel

Step by Step Guide

Monitoring Shifts

This is a guide to monitoring shifts.

1. Shift Overview

You can view all placed shifts to monitor and track the progress.

To do this, click the BOARDS button and then ALL JOBS.

2. Traffic Light System

We can track the progress of each shift from the traffic system.

For example, 2 staff are required for this shift

  • TRAFFIC LIGHT RED 0/2 – This means no staff have been confirmed for the role
  • TRAFFIC LIGHT AMBER 1/2 – This means 1 of 2 staff have been confirmed
  • TRAFFIC LIGHT GREEN 2/2 – This means 2 of 2 staff have been confirmed


3. Application Overview

You can monitor how many staff have applied for a shift on the traffic lights, here you will see a number of applications.

To see which staff have applied, just click on the shift and navigate to the APPLICATION section.

Admin Platform – Monitoring Shifts