Using the Admin Panel

Step by Step Guide

Inviting Staff to Shifts

This is a guide to adding shifts.

1. Inviting Staff

Once you have published shifts to the app, you have a number of tools to promote the shifts to staff.

2. Promoting a Shift

To promote a shift to a staff member, you will need to open the shift role. To do this, find the shift you want to promote and click on the available role section.

Clicking on this will open a popup window

3. Applicants

Before promoting the shift to staff, you can see if anyone has already applied to work the shift

If Staff have applied for the shift you can Confirm, Reject or add them to a Short List.

In most cases you will Confirm any applicants for the roll, normally we wouldn’t reject a staff member as the confirmed staff member could cancel the shift, having a backup is useful.

4. Available Staff

If staff haven’t applied for the role, you can see who is available to work on that day. If you click the available tap, you will see a list of staff. The list only shows staff for that role, so you don’t need to filter through them.

From here you will be able to invite multiple staff to apply for the roll, you will also be able to message staff via the app.

Admin Platform – Inviting Staff to Shifts