Using the Admin Panel

Step by Step Guide

Editing Shifts

This is a guide to editing shifts.

1. Select the relevant shift

Click on the shift you wish to edit, it should now be highlighted blue.

Now click on the Edit button ( Pencil Button )

2. Shift Editor

After clicking the edit button, you would have seen a popup window appear.

The only section on this popup you need to edit is the ROLES section.

even if the role shown is the role you require, we recommend checking the details match all your requirements.

To do this, click on the role, you will see a second popup window appear.

3. Role Editor

This popup allows you to edit the role details, we recommend taking your time and starting from the top.

  • Role Type – This is a drop box with pre defined roles.
  • Fees – You will need to select NO FEE ( why? the client pays there own staff )
  • Date, Start & End times. ( This is a 24 hour clock )
  • Subsistence & Expenses Budget – You do NOT need to add anything in here.
  • Total Per Required – Some locations will require more than 1 staff member for the same ward, and time.
  • Role Description – You do not need to add anything here.
  • Display on Job Board – YES
  • Continue to display on job board when Role is full – NO

Once you have made your changes, click done.

4. Requirement Editor

This section allows you to add requirements for the role, in this scenario we are looking for someone who can work at St Mary’s Hospital

Just start typing and a list of locations will appear, you can add multiple requirements.

5. Application Section

You do NOT need to make any changes to this section, just click DONE

Once you have clicked DONE, you will notice the popup close. This means you have gone through all the relevant sections to update this role.

7. Location Section

You will only need to edit the

Once you have done this click DONE.

8. Job Ad Section

There is no need to edit anything on this section, just click DONE.

9. Label Section

There is no need to edit anything on this section, just click DONE.

After you have clicked DONE, you will have noticed the popups all close. This means you have completed all the stages for the adding the shift.

9. Publish Changes

Once you have finished adding shifts for this location, you will need to click PUBLISH CHANGES.

Please be aware, you CAN add multiple shifts for the same location on different dates before you click PUBLISH. But you CAN NOT go in and out of different locations if you haven’t clicked PUBLISH. If you do this, all your shifts will be lost.

Admin Platform – Editing Shifts