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Step by Step Guide

Cancelled Shifts

Guide to managing cancelled shifts

1. Cancelled Shifts

When a staff member cancels a shift, an alert is sent in the admin panel.

The shift will automatically be added to the JOB BOARD for other staff to apply

2. View Cancelled Shift

You can view which shift has been cancelled by clicking into MESSENGER, then SYSTEM NOTIFICATIONS.

From here you will be able to see who has cancelled a shift, you will also be able to click a link to view the shift.

3. Being Reactive & Proactive

When a shift is cancelled we don’t just assume another staff member will apply for it via the Job board, we have to react to the situation and proactive in getting the shift covered again ASAP.


4. Action that needs to be taken

If a shift is cancelled within an 8 hour window from shift start, we follow all booking steps as normal and we call the relevant location to inform them of a staff change.

We can also view to see why the staff member cancelled the shift just in case we need to react to future shifts.

5. Why have they cancelled

We recommend looking to see why the staff member cancelled their shift, we have to take a number of different actions for certain reasons.

To view the reason they cancelled, click the WORKFORCE tab on the left, SEARCH for the staff member and click to open their profile. Once their profile is open, click on the FEEDBACK tab, this will show you all the feedback on this staff member. You can filter using the dropdown box and select CANCELLATIONS if needed.

If a staff member has cancelled due to 1 or more of the following:

  • Covid 19 symptoms – All Shifts must be cancelled until further notice from the client.
  • Vomiting – Staff member can not work for 48 hours AFTER they last vomited.
  • Diarrhoea – Staff member can not work for 48 hours AFTER they last episode.

You MUST look at the staff members CALENDAR to see when they’re next on shift and take action if required.

We recommend opening a message dialog with the staff member via the app to find out more information if required.

Admin Platform – Cancelled Shifts