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Rather than calling around your workforce to fill a temporary shift, we register all your full time staff and bank staff to the Cortex portal.

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Filling a temporary shift couldn’t be made easier, our fulfilment team operate in a similar way to a call centre and are available 24 hours a day.

Fulfilment Team

The fulfilment team will then add your required shifts to the Cortex system and communicate with your registered workforce directly.

Cortex offers an easy to use and efficient service to manage your flexible workforce and works on your behalf to get any temporary shifts coveredCortex Client

Cortex will save you time and money at every stage of your fulfilment.

Efficient, responsive and scaleable. No matter the size of your business, let Cortex do the heavy lifting

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    By offering the shift to your full time and bank staff, we will reduce your agency spend drastically.

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